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we are an experienced group of technologists, strategists, and marketers.

We aim to close the gap between marketing and technology services so that cohesive conversations can be created between organizations and their customers.

conversing at the intersection between marketing and tech.

In real life, a conversation is an improvised interaction where humans connect with one another. At dig, we transpose that interaction into the digital world by crafting conversations which create engagement and build sentiment, emotion, and relationships between users and digital experiences. We control, measure, and adapt these digital conversations to continue engaging users and building a solid customer base.

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Beyond websites and mobile apps, technology has exploded with capabilities and options. At dig, we help organizations select the right array of marketing and software products and provide along with agency level execution to deliver compelling digital strategies for consumer consumption. Our goal is to help companies navigate through the complex digital landscape to reach more users, turn more users into customers, and increase customer value across the entire brand experience.

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